Optical components and instruments for research and the industry, including spectroscopy, pyrometry and thermography, THz photonics, sensors and detectors, metrology, lasers, and more. Application wavelengths range from DUV to VIS, NIR, MIR, and MM waves (THz), depending on the materials used, component shapes, coatings, and instruments. Our R&D department develops THz components, devices and instruments which are then produced in-house. We also cooperate closely with state optics manufacturing enterprises and research institutes. We ensure full spectrophotometer control from DUV to 3000 microns as well as interferometer control. Strict quality assurance is conducted with the use of autocollimators, MTF measuring equipment, environmental and other testing instruments.

Optics for Spectroscopy and Testing
  • FTIR BeamSplitter
  • Plane and Wedged Windows
  • ATR Elements
  • IR Polarizers
  • Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors
  • Holographic Notch and Narrow Notch Filters

THz Devices
  • R&D Department
  • Pulsed Terahertz Spectrometer
  • Golay Detectors
  • Hardware-Software Complex for Operating Golay Cell
  • Golay Detector Calibration Set
  • THz Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer
  • THz Objective Lenses
  • Lock-in Amplifier
  • THz Impulse Radiation Electro-Optical Detector

Optics for THz
  • THz Low Pass Filters
  • THz Band Pass Filters
  • THz Polarizers
  • THz Attenuators
  • THz Fabry-Perot Etalon
  • THz Windows
  • THz Lenses
  • THz Prisms
  • THz Waveplates
  • Tunable THz Polarization Converter
  • THz Broad-Band Phase Transformers
  • THz Spectral Splitters
  • THz Beam Splitters
  • THz Mirrors
  • THz Cuvettes
  • THz AR Coatings
  • THz Materials

High Precision Astronomical Mirrors and Systems