Handheld Raman set is ultra-thin, light-weight, easy-to-hold and compact.  The total weight 450g, advanced algorithm enables to detect mixtures matching up to 5 categories,  detect raw and auxiliary materials whether in the lab, factory, warehouse, loading dock, crime scene, or outdoor. Excellent spectrum identification algorithm are embedded in Handheld Raman spectrometers as a result of fast, accurate and non-destructive detect materials, and users are able to build up their own spectrum.

A user-friendly touch screen for both technical & non-technical personnel to make their jobs easier. High-quality hardware configuration and robust multivariate algorithms guarantee accurate, uniform and reliable result detected.

UV-VIS-NIR-MidIR Spectrometer
• Low cost spectrometer
• High Resolution & uncooled
• High Sensitivity & TE-cooled
• High Sensitivity & Resolution&TE-cooled
• NIR Spectrometer
• Scientific Class
• Ultra Miniature
• Mid-IR Spectrometer

Raman Spectrometer
• Handheld Raman
• Portable Raman
• Dual-Band Raman
• Online Raman Analysis System
• Raman Microscope
• Spectral Solution
• Educational Raman
• Infrared Spectroscopy