ZEMAX optical design software from Zemax Corp, USA
GLAD Pro Version 5.2 (General Laser Analysis Design Software) from Applied Optics, Research, USA
PARAXIA-PLUS Beam propagation & Laser resonator analysis software from Sciopt Enterprise, USA
OSLO optical design siftware from Lambda Research Optics, USA
LASERCAD Design Software

Fiber optics & optoelectronic components, Equipment and systems, All optical Switches, couplers, fiber and cable, splicing and terminating equipment, Test And measurements, Lasers for telecom, optical amplifiers, fiberoptic cable and All kind of polarizing and non-polarizing Fibers multimode and single mode , fiberoptic connectors, fiberoptic system.
Gas Lasers, He-Ne, Co2, Semicondctor lasers, solid state lasers, Tunable solid State lasers and diode pumped solid state lasers.
From our inception, INFRARED OPTICS has designed and manufactured high Precision mechanical, optoelectronics and optical components for both the OEM And research markets. The depth of our mechanical, optical and electronic engineering capabilities has made us a recognized leader in tunable lasers, precision Motion control and high quality opto-mechanical components. Our people make INFRARED OPTICS a truly great OEM partners. From your initial contact with sales and customer service team you will be working with people who are committed to meeting your needs. Our goal is to always provide complete and detailed responses that meet your schedule, not ours.
Sourcing out for demanding requirements of any kind in optics, lasers, fiber and Optoelectronic and related instruments.