Beam Delivery Fibers

These multimode, step index beam delivery fibers are designed for medical beam delivery or delivery of solid state, fiber or diode laser systems.

Laser & Amplifier Fibers

High-power, high mode quality, high efficiency, long life laser and amplifier fibers, with the performance and reliability to satisfy the most demanding of applications.

Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Polarization maintaining fibers are available in many options for telecom, rad-resistant gyroscope, coupler, short wavelength, pure silica core, rare earth doped, and multiclad varieties.

Single-Mode Fibers

Nufern offers a large variety of single-mode fibers with a variety of operating wavelengths, cut-off wavelengths and glass compositions to cover from the visible to the infrared.

Gyroscope Fibers

These fibers offer extremely tight dimensional specifications and high birefringence both of which are critical to manufacturing high precision, high performance gyros and coils.

Multimode Fibers

Nufern offers a large variety of multimode fibers glass compositions to cover from the visible to the infrared. These fibers can be tailored to your exact requirements with a variety of optical and mechanical attributes.

Sensor Fibers

Nufern offers sensor fibers in both SM and MM categories. Specific application fibers include acoustical and temperature sensing in extremely harsh environments.

Test and Measurement Services

As a company dedicated to specialty optical fiber and related components, Nufern is committed to providing virtually all testing services required by our clients in our own facility.