Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation technology

We supply to a wide range of industrial, defense, security and research applications. The family of products that were for sophisticated instrumentation and include:

- Beam analysis systems (Beam Profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter)
- Optical beam positioning
- Alignment measurement systems
- Electronic Autocollimators
- High Power laser beam profiling

• Alignment Sensing
• Beam Profiling
• Position Sensing
• High Power

Laser Diode Drivers And Laser Diode Controllers

Maiman Electronics LLC specializes in development and manufacturing laser diode current driver / laser diode controller.  Laser diode driver / laser diode controller is a current source that delivers exactly the current to the laser diode that it needs to operate for a particular application. It is very important for laser diode module to provide current signal without any overshooting. Our laser drivers are highly stable precise solution with integrated over current protection. It allows us to drive your laser diode absolutely safety. Now we have two main model line:

SF6XXX - powerful OEM CW compact Laser Diode Driver;
SF8XXX - ultra-compact OEM driver for butterfly Laser Diode with TEC.

SF6XXX series includes highly current laser driver SF6250 with output current up to 250A for  laser diode bar and high current fiber-coupled module and high voltage laser driver SF6100 with output voltage up to 40V which perfectly allows to operate with multiple singe emitters Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes.

Drivers SF8XXX include highly stabile current source (0,01А) for laser diode and TEC (temperature controller for precision maintaining the temperature on peiltier element (TEM) (0,01 °C). Also drivers have large heat sink for stable heat dissipation.